Get Clear

private coaching with me

Do you wonder what your purpose is?
Do you feel like there’s something “out there” that’s calling you- you just aren’t sure what it is.
Do you know, deep down, there’s a deeper meaning behind the way you feel?

Let’s get clear so you can get moving.

I rarely open my calendar up for individual private sessions (all 80 of my clients are currently in my group coaching programs) so if you landed on this page, you’re in for a treat. As a Clarity Coach, I help you get clear. Not just on what you want or what’s bothering you, but on the things that you DON’T want.

Clarity work can get messy; just like when you’re cleaning out your closet- there’s a moment when all your shit is on the floor and you panic. But you know it’s temporary so you keep going. That’s what I help you with. Together, we’ll look at what’s not serving you, and keep only the things that are.




Clarity Session

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