Tuesday Tips.png

“This truly is a gift.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so pleasantly surprised by an email from a business.”

“I had this very strong desire to check my email just now. What stood out was that I actually thought, "I want to hear from Lydia." I jumped when I saw you had emailed. Thank you for being so open with all of us, and for asking the important questions.”

“I appreciate your energy and knowledge you instill upon myself and everyone else who has subscribed to your newsletters. Wish I could hug you IRL! Looking forward to what's to come.”

“I wanted to reach out and thank you for the work that you’re doing and, specifically, for these New Moon Musings :) I really needed to be reminded of the ideas you presented.  Thank you for your vulnerability, honesty, and reflection.  You made a difference in this wild woman’s life today.”

“My god I fucking LOVE this and can relate 100%. Geeeeezzz thanks for sharing!”

"I love you, Lydia! So beautifully written and literally just what I was sitting with and breathing in right before I checked my email and saw this! Thank you for always reassuring me that I can tap into all of my own resources and flourish.”

”I always appreciate your honesty Lydia. You getting honest with yourself and sharing it with the world helps us all to get a little more honest with ourselves and learn to love ourselves in a new way.”

"Thanks for always saying the words that resonate so clearly with me.”

”Thank you for being you and continuing to share from the heart!”

“You should know you're doing an amazing job and adding value to people's lives :)”

“Thanks for holding space for so many women!”

“Thank you for sharing your beautiful insight.”