4 daily practices that teach you how to hear your intuition.

~ give yourself permission to pause

4 weeks of guidance + practical applications

May 21- June 11

week 1

(4 minute video)

Listen to your body

You’ll learn how to look for key signs that your soul is sending your body. These practices in Day 1 will give you permission to take care of yourself on a level you might not be familiar with. Go from stuck to flowing.

week 2

(5 minute video)

feeling your emotions without attachment

On day 2, you’ll grasp the concept of how YOU aren’t your emotions. They’re just one aspect of being a dimensional human. With this practice, you’ll allow yourself to be vulnerable with how you feel as you move through your emotions to free up that “stuck” feeling that comes when we really just need to process something.

week 3

(4 minute video)

Permission to feel safe + comfortable

On the third day, you’ll learn about how to make your physical environment more conducive to FLOW and how to also give yourself permission to leave a place that simple doesn’t feel good.

week 4

(6 minute video)

Setting boundaries

The final (and in my opinion most important) day! Setting boundaries brings personal freedom. No longer do you have to feel drained when you leave your house. Or afraid that someone will ask you to do hang out or help them. You’ll learn language for setting boundaries that will serve you for the rest of your life!


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Less anxiety=more personal freedom.
less worry=more presence.
less tension=more joy.