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Business + Entrepreneurship

“Every time I try to create an offering, I get to same point and the fear and self-doubt kicks in and I usually stop and say “I’m not ready” or “this isn’t going to work”… but this time, it feels different; having so much structure around what to do.

Even though all of those fears and doubts are still there, I feel a lot more supported because it’s not just me flapping out in the wind by myself!”

“Each week I was better able to refine the content of my offerings, how I want to relate to my clients, and how to market myself and my business while being really authentic.

I think this is invaluable information for any entrepreneur who is passionate about their business and is still struggling with how to connect with their clients in ways that feel good.”

“As a small business owner with an overactive creative mind, I struggle with having too many ideas & find myself sitting on so many projects, at once, that I often lose steam before ever completing any.

I found the SIM really helpful in reminding me that each project is its own & found the outline of the project/program process really useful for keeping my focus on the project at hand. Definitely recommend.”

“Following this process really helped focus my ideas into one, specific offering; it helped me realize specific areas of passion within my yoga teaching.

The work was exciting and it felt great to be working on something that is mine!”


“It gave me the courage to take what was in my head and put it out in the world. To have other eyes and feedback on an idea is invaluable. It’s something I wish I’d done so much earlier in my business journey!

I feel that in one month I have a true framework for a program that I want to do for years to come and I’m really grateful for the women I’ve met, the feedback I’ve gotten, and Lydia is super real! She talks in a way that makes sense, she isn’t “pretending”, she pauses when she needs to, and I really value her authenticity in her program.” 

-Cristina Schooler

Founder of Rooted Method

“I highly recommend Soul Income to anyone that has a dream but that they aren’t sure they’re ready or they just have a lot of self-doubt. That’s how I felt when I started this program and now I’ve come out of SIM and I have everything that I need to be able to move forward with this dream that I really didn’t think I could make happen.

That’s the gift that Lydia gives to us in SIM; the practical steps that you need to take in order to make something that’s abstract in your mind, a real thing. It changed my life!”

- Lys Santamaria

Contemporary Beadwork Artist

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“Lydia is so authentic and I loved her stories, examples and metaphors to help us understand why we were doing certain homework and thinking through certain questions regarding our businesses.

I appreciated the support/homework reviews and the chance to share and receive feedback from others.

I love that she has created a community that really want to help people and matches their unique superpowers.”

-Erin Wike

Founder of Cafe con Resume

Lunar Nourishment

13 Moons program

“All the topics we've covered we can to continue to expand on in our own ways for the rest of our lives.

Thank you for supporting me in so many ways this year. I can’t believe the person I was and the person I am and the people I’ve connected with because of this program.”

“I just finished my workbook; I feel SO AMAZING! This is SOOOO beneficial for me and I am SO glad I found you, this program, and the PORTAL!

Can't wait for the ceremony tonight! THANK YOU for making this all happen. BLESS YOU SISTA!”

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this community! I couldn't done it without the confidence I've built since we started this journey together.  I've been learning a lot of you and your experiences.

Thank you Lydia Jarjoura for your guidance and creating the conditions and the space to develop ourselves and find our inner voice!”

“ I'm just so thankful for this group of women and how we all are going through it together.

Everything y'all are saying and sharing is exactly the words and space I need to hear and feel.

Love you all and can't wait to be on the next call.”

“I already feel and see a difference in my relationships.

And in how I feel about myself and my days.

Thank you ALL for being here.

This space means so much to me.”

“I feel a desire to really give more to the relationships I care about and expand my networks with people who elevate me.  

I am feeling more powerful and grounded, and more aware. Anyways, I don't think I would have come to this action so soon without your support and prompting.

So thank you, for holding space for me to step into things I was always afraid of doing and did not know I was capable of.”