Lydia Jarjoura, Clarity Coach
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Hi, I’m Lydia!

The VERY SHORT version of what I do:

I coach POWERFUL women, who doubt themselves and aren’t embracing what makes them unique.

In 2015, I started my coaching business because I saw women who never felt good enough.

I saw them hiding behind boring jobs. I saw them controlling everything they ate in attempts to control their lives.

I saw them, because I was them. I spent much of my life hiding who I truly was so that I could feel accepted and loved. I felt responsible for the emotional well-being of everyone but myself.

I never felt like I was ENOUGH.

My life’s calling is to help you listen to your inner guidance system so you feel free enough to live the life of your dreams.

I’m currently “in session” with 36 women in my seasonal program so I’m not taking new clients.

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The longer story…

(1988) My parents lose their 8 year old son in a car accident and conceive me & my twin a few months later. We soaked up our mother’s grief (epigenetics) in utero, resulting in extreme empathic tendencies.

(1989-2003) Lived a “normal” life, not knowing that anxiety was a thing and that kids could have it. I thought it was normal to feel shitty all the time and to feel responsible for the emotions of my mother.

(2004) First big “trauma that I didn’t know was a trauma” (age 14) when a tragic death occurred close to our family. That trauma was buried under layers of anger and somber-ness, for many years.

(2009) First black-out panic attack. Trauma began to resurface. Resulting in official “Generalized Anxiety Disorder” diagnosis + prescribed medicine, daily.

(2009-2011) College partying mixed with my first Eckhart Tolle book (THE POWER OF NOW) + discovered Quantum Physics/ Law of Attraction. My mind was starting to open to new possibilities of being human.

(2012) Moved to Austin, Texas + got off of anti-anxiety medicine by changing my entire lifestyle & diet (quit alcohol, sugar, processed foods + yoga/meditation daily).

(2013) Attended a 10 day silent meditation course + started teaching yoga + dove into THE 4 AGREEMENTS as a way of living.

(2014) Started leading Women’s New Moon Ceremonies each month, until 2018!

(2015-2017) Quit my 9-5 job (Sustainability Office) to create my company, Lunar Nourishment. I offered Reiki, menstrual cycle education, and Moon Ceremonies. Got my official coaching certification, too!

(2018-today) I’m doin’ my thang coaching badass women who have been playing small, live BIG lives!


If you’re reading this, holy shit you’re good. You deserve a treat!

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